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How to tell if a birthday gift is real or not: A candy heart recipe

New York Times: Savannah candy hearts are one of the most recognizable candy gifts you can give your family.But they’re not really real.You can buy them on eBay for a few dollars, but they’re actually a scam.Here are a few ways to tell whether a Savannah candy heart is real.1.Is the box clear?This is a…

How much is a coconut in a teaspoon?

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How to get your hands on the world’s best chocolate bar: Sarris

The chocolate bar has always been a staple of any holiday party, but now that the holidays are in full swing, you can get some delicious chocolate treats from the world of chocolate bars.We’ve put together a guide to the best chocolate bars around the world, and we’ll share what to expect in each one.Sarris…

How to find the best Blue Candy Kitchen in Savannah

We recently ran through the blue candy kitchen that’s been available in Savannah, Georgia since 2009, and we have some pretty exciting news for you.We have the Blue Candy kitchen’s new website, where you can order all the ingredients, ingredients, and even the recipe for the blue sweets, and you can also find the recipe…

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