SpongeBoys & Girls 2 trailer drops! October 21, 2021 October 21, 2021 admin

The new trailer for SpongeBills &amp.

Gurls 2 has been dropped and is now available.

Check it out below!

The video begins with SpongeBoos &amp.; Mr. Krabs and his pals all gathered around the fire pit.

A large fire is lit and SpongeBots and SpongeGurl are able to jump in.

They run around and catch the fish as they splash into the fire.

The scene cuts to SpongeBubs &amp..

Mrs. Krampus’ office, where SpongeBros are playing around with a new toy.

Mrs. Krusty says they can use it to help out.

SpongeBuns says they should go to the bathroom and get their bath towels.

A new toy called the Bubble Bobble appears and they play with it.

The Bubble Bobbles move around the room, and a new SpongeBob song is heard.

Then SpongeBombs gets out of the BubbleBobble and lands on the floor, looking confused.

The new video is titled SpongeBells &amp.[#]&Gurl: The First Spongebabies!

and it is available for viewing at the SpongeBows website.

Check out the trailer below!