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I’ve never been to the zoo, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been to some rabbit farms. 

At the zoo I’m reminded of that day when I was a boy and I got a piece of cardboard from a rabbit farm that had been there for the past two generations. 

It was the rabbit farm I grew up in. 

My mum would go to it to buy rabbits for the rabbit farms, so I’m very proud to have that as a present. 

There were rabbits everywhere. 

You could see the animals from all over the place, but what was most amazing was how many animals there were in one room. 

This is my favourite place in the world. 

And I’m glad I grew like that. 

The rabbits were wild. 

They were wild and full of life. 

If you were in the area, you’d see rabbits grazing on the grass, or running around, or sitting on the ground. 

We’d go in the morning and just see the rabbit, then we’d get up, go to the barn, sit there, and we’d just watch the animals run around. 

When we were a little boy, I saw one of my granddad’s rabbits, so we had a big rabbit house. 

One day, my mother said, ‘If you have time, I’d like you to bring me the rabbit’.” I got in the car and I drove down the road to the rabbit park. 

Its big and white and it looks like a white rabbit.””

There’s a big, black rabbit. 

Its big and white and it looks like a white rabbit.”

I’ll give you the rabbit and the box and we’ll go and watch the rabbits.” 

So I got the rabbit out of the box, went to the back of the rabbit house, and I put the box on the table and said, “Can I have the rabbit?” 

I said,”You can bring it to me.” “

But I want it.” 

I said,”You can bring it to me.” 

He looked at his watch and it was 4:00. 

He said, No, I’ll have to take you to the rabbits, because I’m going to have to do some work on my car.” 

And that was it. 

What was I thinking? 

He was going to take me to the farm to take it home, because that’s how we grew up. 

So we had our first rabbit farm, and that was that. 

 But the rabbit has changed. 

In the 70s, rabbits had different breeds. 

Now the breeders breed rabbits with very different colours. 

That was a problem. 

People used to call them a white rabbits, black rabbits, but now you have to call it something else. 

A white rabbit, a red rabbit, brown rabbits, a blue rabbit.

I think people don’t know that the rabbits breed to have the same colour in their fur. 

Then you get to a point where they’re all black, and then you get a little bit of a grey or greyish coat. 

For a long time, there was a white, grey and a black rabbit, and it took a long while for the rabbits to get that colour. 

Rabbits have a very unique, unique look. 

Many people think of a rabbit as having a big round body, but they don’t. 

On the other hand, some rabbits are very, very long. 

Some are short and very thin. 

An Australian rabbit, for example, has a body length of just 1.4 metres, but it’s got about 50 per cent body fat. 

To give you an idea of how big the body is, a baby rabbit weighs just over 2kg. 

But rabbits have very short legs. 

Imagine a small, very thin bunny, which would be an Australian rabbit.

It’s a very short rabbit. 

 So what’s the point? 

Well, I guess the point is that the rabbit’s body is not as big as a human, so the rabbit is more mobile, and the rabbit needs to have a big body. 


Because if the rabbit gets tired, it’s not going to get enough food. 

Even if you don’t feed the rabbit at the same time, if the rabbits body is too big, it won’t be able to get its energy from the food that it’s eating. 

Therefore, the rabbit will run away, it will run around, it’ll run all over, because it’s exhausted, and so the rabbits energy will run out. 

All of a sudden, the rabbits are just going to starve. 

Maybe they’ll eat a little, maybe not, but eventually, they’re just going get tired and they’ll die.