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If you’ve watched the latest episode of the hit sitcom Payday, you may be wondering why your favorite shows weren’t being shown on a new video streaming service.

The answer is, Payday’s original show didn’t air on pay-per-view television, so it wasn’t being streamed live by anyone.

“We weren’t making that deal, but we were definitely hoping it would be,” co-creator and showrunner Dave Becky told Entertainment Weekly.

“And we thought that maybe if we made the show available, maybe somebody else would come and see it.”

To that end, Becky and co-writer-producer James Lapine had an idea: Let’s turn Payday into a video game.

It was the first time they’d ever been able to get a show like that made on the PlayStation Network.

“It was an exciting time for us,” Becky said.

“When we started to work on Payday we were already working on a couple other projects, and we were starting to think that maybe it was a little bit premature for us to have the opportunity to work together.”

So, they called in the studio and pitched the idea to Sony Pictures Television.

They had already made a deal with the studio, but they had a plan.

Payday would be a digital-only title, featuring only the first three episodes.

The studio would take care of the rest of the content.

So they sent over the scripts, and they pitched it to the show’s production company.

“That was it,” Becky recalled.

“Sony was excited about the idea and the idea was something they had never considered before.”

What happened next, according to Becky, was “a little more complicated.”

As a result of the deal, Sony Pictures was able to acquire a minority stake in the company.

The show’s writers had already worked out a deal for a live-action show with their studio, so they had already written a script.

They weren’t sure what that would look like, so Sony hired a studio to create a live action series.

Becky and Lapine went to work.

They knew exactly what they were doing.

The first episodes of Payday had already been shot, and the first one to air would be an original show with no subtitles.

“What we wanted to do was make the Payday characters and the show the same character,” Becky explained.

“I think that’s the thing that was so different about Payday than other shows on the network, like Community or Mad Men.

It wasn’t just the characters that we had written and worked with on that, it was the world and the setting and the characters themselves.

And we didn’t want to change that.”

In addition to the live-actions, the studio also had the rights to create original music, music videos, and commercials.

But the studio had to make sure that the pay-for-view TV shows could compete with other pay-to-view series on the schedule.

So, it went back to the drawing board and came up with the idea for a new Payday TV series.

It would have been a live TV show, and it would have a pay-cable format.

PayDay was meant to be a series that aired weekly, and if it was good enough, the show would be on pay cable.

The only problem was, there was no way to make a live show like this without a paid-view platform.

“You can make a pay cable show on the same network as a live television show,” Becky noted.

“But you have to put a lot of time, money, and effort into it.

And you can’t make a show that people can’t watch on a pay TV show.”

So instead, they came up in the end with a new, live-reality TV show for people to watch on PayTV, and that’s what they named PayDay: PayDay on Demand.

But that’s not all.

In addition, the network also wanted to make PayDay an online service, so that people who could not watch PayTV on PayHome could still be able to watch PayDay through their web browser.

That way, if someone could get a PayHome subscription on PayDay, they could watch it on their web browsers.

“This was something we thought about, and this is something we wanted,” Becky added.

“Because you don’t want a show to be seen on the pay TV version.

If it’s available on Pay-Per-View, then it’s a good product.

If you can see it on PayHaven, then that’s a better product.

It’s the same online platform.””

PayDime is the same as PayDay.

It’s the same online platform.”