‘Candy’ candy sold online in Canada, the U.S. to celebrate Christmas September 17, 2021 September 17, 2021 admin

CANADA — The National Post reports that a Canadian candy company has introduced a new candy in the United States, with a focus on “Candy Cane” (which was once a popular brand in the U., as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and Chile).

The brand, which is named “Cannon Candy” and sold in the States as “Cannons” (the “s” stands for “can”, not “cannon”) and the U in Canada as “Stones”, has now been licensed in the US and Canada.

The product is a combination of “Cane Candy” (a kind of chocolate bar) and “Cans Candy” — which are both candies made from the same base.

The candies have been available in Canada since March 31, and the American version is set to be available in late January.

The company is not commenting on its brand or pricing.