Lifestyle guru, who claims to have killed millions, to be jailed for life September 5, 2021 September 5, 2021 admin

A man who claims he has killed millions of people by creating “lifesavers” has been jailed for 10 years for creating the gadgets.

Siddharth Nath Singh, a businessman who was arrested on suspicion of murder on October 23, is the founder of the company Pop Rocks Candy and Lifesavers and has also created the world’s largest collection of vintage toys.

Mr Singh, 64, was arrested by a joint police-civilian team in the southern state of Tamil Nadu on suspicion that he was involved in the killing of a man in March last year.

Police seized over 1.1 million fake guns and ammunition, including 12,000 bullets, as well as hundreds of counterfeit watches, watches, safes and even an iPad, said police officer Rakesh Sharma.

Mr Sharma said Mr Singh was accused of running a fake lottery scam in which lottery ticket holders received millions of rupees ($1.5 million) from the lottery, but instead spent the money on other activities.

“Mr Singh has created a fake world where there is a life guarantee.

This is the world of the dead,” he said.”

He has created this false world that is based on a fiction and he has created an environment where people can buy fake lives.”

Mr Singh’s lawyer, Anand Kumar Gupta, told the court that the “world of the living” was a fictitious world and that Mr Singh could not be held responsible for the deaths of millions of persons because of his actions.

Mr Gupta said Mr Gurung was not responsible for deaths and deaths were caused by his own actions.

“I have filed an application for bail for the bail of Mr Gurang Singh and his wife to come out of jail,” Mr Gupta said.

Mr Gurung is being held in jail on the charge of killing Pankaj Jain, who was killed in July 2015.

The court was also told that Mr Gurun, who has a wife and two daughters, is currently under investigation for the murder of another man, Sankar Prabhakar, in August 2015.

Mr Prabakar was found shot to death in his home in Tamil Nadu’s Chennai district.