The Candy Striper: The real thing August 30, 2021 August 30, 2021 admin

Candy Stripers are some of the most recognizable figures in pop culture, but the one thing they have in common is that they have a sweet tooth.

A lot of them are famous for their candies, but many have gone on to make their own sweets.

There’s no shortage of those candies out there, from Oreos to Cheetos to Nutella to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Here are ten of the best candy strippers to have a go at. 1.

Candy Stripper – Candy Strippers are made from a mixture of coconut oil, water, and chocolate chips.

The chocolate is typically melted and then mixed with a little water, leaving a thick paste.

It’s not the most luxurious candy, but it’s a good alternative to the traditional chocolate chip cookie.


Candy Blusher – This candy stripper makes it to the top of the list.

This candy is made from sugar, corn syrup, vanilla extract, and a little bit of milk.

The consistency is a little on the sweeter side, but you get the idea.


Candy Tender – Another candy striter who makes it onto this list is Candy Tenders.

These are made of sweetened condensed milk, condensed coconut oil and chocolate.

They’re made by the Candy Company in the UK and are made with cocoa powder and sweetened coconut oil.

They have a nice soft, fluffy consistency, and are very popular with kids.


Candy Stinger – Candy Stingers are made by mixing sweetened cocoa powder with water and chocolate, with a mixture that’s then dried to give it a soft texture.

They are also popular for making candy bars.


Candy Cookie – These candy cookie makers are made in the United States and are also made by Candy Company.

These candies are made mostly with cocoa and chocolate and are used for making sweets.

They can be made using a variety of sweeteners, including vanilla, coconut, and more.


Candy Wafer – Candy Wafers are made out of a mixture made up of chocolate and cocoa powder.

They contain just enough cocoa to make them soft, but don’t overdo it. 7.

Candy Cane – These candys are made using an artificial sweetener called saccharin and water.

They don’t have as much sugar as candy stripers, but they’re still soft and fluffy.


Candy Bubble – These are similar to candy strips in that they are made on a machine, but instead of melted chocolate, they use a mixture to create bubbles.

They also contain less sugar than candy strivers, which is great for making a sweet treat.


Candy Pudding – These soft, candy-like cookies can be found in most grocery stores and on sale in some convenience stores.

They look like candy strips and are often flavored with candy, so you can make them in the comfort of your home.


Candy Candy – Candy Candy is the candy stripy of candies.

These sweet treats are made without any milk or any sugar.

They usually have a bit of water added to them.