White rabbit candy, pez and pez cravings: Are you a Pez Cravings fan? August 9, 2021 August 9, 2021 admin

By JAMES COLEMAN, Associated PressWhite rabbit candy is one of the best-selling candies in America, according to a study.

But the sweet treat has become a cravings indulgence for some consumers, and the candy industry is struggling to cope.

Pez cauldrons, pecan pie and pecan cookies are among the top sellers in the United States.

A Pez-themed cookie is on the menu at a candy store in Las Vegas.

The candy industry has a new name for this snack: pez, a play on the word “peppermint.”

Pez has long been popular in the U.S., but the trend has been on the rise.

Peppers are the flavor, and peyote is often used to make the candy.

The Pez Candy craze is not just limited to the United Kingdom.

Pezos have been a popular treat for Mexican holidaymakers in Mexico for more than a century.

The trend is catching on with some people in other countries.

In Sweden, for instance, it’s been a hot trend in the country since 2015.

Sweden is the second largest candy market in the world, after the U