How to Make Cotton Candy Skies with the Jawbreaker Candy August 3, 2021 August 3, 2021 admin

In a candy warehouse full of candy and cookies, it’s easy to overlook a candy box.

That’s why we’re sharing the recipe for cotton candy skies.

There are three basic steps to make a cotton candy sky.

The first step is to take a few bites of the candy, which you can purchase at a candy store.

The second step is using the same candy you used for the sky, but this time, you’re going to roll it into balls and place them on top of a cookie sheet.

The third step is folding the cotton candy into a small bowl.

Now that you’ve got cotton candy, it can be filled with the ingredients for your sky.


Start with a piece of candy.

It could be a chocolate chip cookie, an old-fashioned bar, or a candy bar.

Once you’ve cut your piece of candies, roll them into a ball and place on top.

Then, place your cotton candy ball on top and roll the ball down into the candy.


Fold your cotton candies into a large bowl.

Roll the cotton candys into balls to make the sky.

Then roll the cotton balls up into a bowl.


Use the same cotton candy you rolled into the sky and place it on top, with your eyes closed.

Now you’re ready to bake.

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