How to run the world’s largest chocolate factory in under an hour July 25, 2021 July 25, 2021 admin

In less than three hours, a team of four people, including a robot, are setting the world record for the world-record production of chocolate at a factory in New Zealand.

A group of researchers, including two from the University of Otago, has been creating chocolate from scratch for about two years.

The team from Otago’s Technology and Engineering Research Centre has set the Guinness World Record for the most chocolate produced at a single facility, which is called Chocolate Factory II.

It is the first time chocolate production in New Zealander has been held in such a controlled environment and the result is a milestone for the industry.

“This is a huge milestone for our industry and we want to be very, very proud of this achievement,” said Dr Helen Wilson, a researcher with Otago.

The chocolate was made in a small workshop in Otago and is now being stored at the factory in Christchurch.

Dr Wilson said the factory was about 50 metres by 70 metres and the chocolate had to be cleaned twice a day, but it had been a labour of love for the team.

The record will be broken on Tuesday, when the first chocolate is set off.

The factory is made up of a single floor and three walls, with three levels of chocolate production.

The first two floors have been turned into a factory and a second level has been turned over to the production of the cocoa powder.

The final two floors are used for the assembly of the chocolate.

The two workers have been working 24-hour shifts for about 40 hours a day.

There are about 80 chocolate workers and about 20 of them are trained in robotics and automated assembly.

A team of about 100 is working around the clock to produce the chocolate, which has been created using only 3,000 tonnes of cocoa.

“It’s a very, highly controlled environment where all the machinery is controlled by humans, so it’s very, well controlled and the safety of the workers is very high,” Dr Wilson said.

“You have to have the right people on hand to work on the machinery, so the safety is very good.”

There are also robots used in the manufacturing process, so that all the processes can be controlled in a safe and efficient manner.

“There are a lot of things you can control with these robots, like temperature and humidity and they can move around in the machine and they do it really well,” she said.

The process was so safe that it was also a test for the robots.

“The robots can move, they can walk around the factory, they don’t move much.

They just walk around a piece of machinery and they just keep moving and moving and going,” she added.”

We’ve done an amazing job of getting robots on and off the machine so that the workers are doing their job safely and safely, and then also the production quality of the product is really good.”

Dr Wilson and her team have also created chocolate from the raw cocoa that is being processed.

“What’s amazing about chocolate is that you can extract a lot from cocoa and you can create an entire new kind of chocolate that has a lot more flavour and texture than anything else you can get from cocoa.

You can actually make it from a whole cocoa bean.”