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The word cotton candy has been around for decades, with the brand known for its colourful packaging, but has been on the rise lately.

Photo: Supplied The brand has also been linked to a string of deaths, including that of the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

On Thursday, Mr Tupac was reported to have died at the age of 47, sparking speculation the rapper was infected with HIV.

Mr Tupacka’s death is the latest to raise questions about the safety of the candy.

Mr Shakur, whose real name was Toni, died at age 41 in February.

The singer’s death prompted health authorities to warn that people who use cotton candy may be at higher risk of contracting HIV.

In Australia, the brand is popular with young people, with some experts suggesting the candy could cause problems for children.

A spokesperson for the Cotton Candy Company said the brand was not responsible for any of the deaths.

“There is a growing awareness among the community that the brand can have a negative impact on the health of the individual user,” they said.

“We take all issues such as this seriously and are taking all appropriate action.”

The company said the company would continue to make cotton candy available to customers in the future.

“Cotton candy is not the cause of the HIV virus, but the packaging and appearance can lead to an individual unknowingly contracting HIV,” they added.